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Deerfield Road Reconstruction Project | Public Meeting for AT&T 2015


A series of public Meetings was held at the Village of Deerfield Village Hall to discuss the utility work that will be taking place in 2015.  The meetings took place on May 13th at 3PM and 6PM at 850 Waukegan Road in Deerfield.


Project Limits: Deerfield Road; between Chestnut Street in the Village of Deerfield to Skokie Highway (US Route 41) in the City of Highland Park

Project Status: Planning

Project Start Date: January 2016

Project Completion: To be determined Scope of Work:

Utility relocation will continue this summer (Summer 2015)

The Village is currently in the process if issuing permits to AT&T and Commonwealth Edison for utility relocation work along Deerfield Road between the Metra underpass and Skokie highway (US Route 41).  The relocation work is in preparation for the 2016 infrastructure project and is a major effort to improve reliability and upgrade service throughout the area.   

AT&T owns and maintains an underground network of cables beneath the westbound lane of Deerfield Road within the project limits.  They are preparing to relocation the cables to a location beneath the sidewalk along the north side of Deerfield Road.  To facilitate this work, the AT&T contractor will need to close a single lane in the westbound direction for extended periods of time.  The AT&T relocation work will continue through October. 

Commonwealth Edison owns and maintains overhead power lines along the south side of Deerfield Road within the project limits. The power poles are located very close to the southern edge of the roadway.  The close proximity of the poles with respect to vehicular traffic does not meet current Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) safety guidelines.  As part of the ComEd work, the poles will be moved further back from the edge of Deerfield Road to meet FHWA requirements and provide space for a safer sidewalk for pedestrians.    To facilitate this work the ComEd contractor will need to close a single lane for eastbound traffic during the daytime only, though some overnight closures may be required.  The ComEd relocation work will continue through October. 

Roadway Reconstruction and Village Utility Work in 2016………….

Construction work along Deerfield Road will begin in January of 2016.  The overall scope of work will be water main and storm sewer replacement within the Village of Deerfield, sanitary sewer point repairs and lining, traffic signal replacement, full reconstruction of Deerfield Road between the Metra underpass and the eastern limit of the Village of Deerfield, sidewalk relocation along the south side of Deerfield Road, resurfacing of Deerfield Road through the City of Highland Park to US Route 41, and bridge deck repairs on 5 bridges within the project limits.   The majority of the roadwork will be completed in 2016, with some work spilling over into the spring of 2017. 

The Village of Deerfield is the lead agency on the project, but the project also includes involvement from the City of Highland Park, the Lake County Division of Transportation, the Illinois Department of Transportation, and the Federal Highway Administration.