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Construction Update: Sept. 23, 2016

Construction Update: Sept. 23, 2016

Work continues on the Deerfield Road Reconstruction Project. Night operations will continue next week to make up for lost time. The downtown closure will be re-opened on Saturday, September 24, at 6 a.m. in time for the Deerfield Harvest Fest. Please note that the north section of sidewalk from Waukegan Road to Robert York Road will remain closed over the weekend, as work remains in this proximity. Pedestrians are advised to use the sidewalk on the southern portion of Deerfield Road in the downtown area.

Deerfield Road Between Metra Underpass and Waukegan Road
Due to the on-going construction to the east, the downtown section will be open only in the north lanes at Waukegan Road, just as it was before the closure. This will result in one lane of traffic in each direction and turn lanes open to motorist in the downtown section. Last week, the contractor completed paving of the roadway and pedestrian crosswalks downtown, along with the installation of new traffic lights and illuminated street signs that will be activated at a later date. Next week, the contractor will continue reinstalling the brick sidewalks for pedestrian access.

Deerfield Road East of Waukegan Road
To date, 90 percent of pavement in the south lanes has been placed. On Tuesday, September 27, the contractor plans pave the section of asphalt in Deerfield moving into Highland Park. Tuesday’s asphalt paving operations will result into delayed access at Carriage Way for about one hour in the morning. The contractor intends to have Carlisle Ave. open to two-way traffic in time for Tuesday’s paving operation. Next week, the contractor will complete paving the gaps at the remaining intersections. Once the required cure time has been met on the pavement, the contractor will move traffic onto the new pavement so that the northern portion of the road may be reconstructed. Currently, there are no ramp closures in place at Route 41. Additional ramp closures will take place in one to two weeks as the project prepares to move traffic to the south. The new ramp closures will be shared once the dates are determined.

Night Operations
The contractor will continue to have two crews working overnight performing storm sewer and sanitary sewer work in the north lanes. This work is allowing the project to make up lost time and help identify any underground utility conflicts sooner, providing more time for relocations to be completed before they impact progress. This work requires nightly detours of both the eastbound and westbound traffic. Detour signage will be installed on a nightly basis for motorists to follow. All work and detours will be completed each morning by 5 a.m.