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Paving Continues on Monday, Expect Traffic Delays on Deerfield Road

Paving continues at 6 a.m. on Monday morning and will result in traffic delays for motorists on Deerfield Road.

The contractor is working under an accelerated schedule for the next two weeks in order to finish road pavement operations in Deerfield before Thanksgiving. The contractor will use “high early” concrete, which has a shorter cure time and was successfully used on Lake Cook Road.

Deerfield Paving Operations

Yesterday the contractor paved the eastbound inside lane from the bridge to Kenton Road, leaving gaps for access at Brand Lane and Zion Church and closing access to all other roads to the north. The inside lane from Kenton to Waukegan Road will be poured on Monday, Nov. 14. With the new inside lane in place, the contractor will then be able to perform the rest of the pavement operations with minimal traffic impacts.

The outside lane from the bridge to Kenton will be poured Wednesday, Nov. 16. During this time, vehicular access to Zion Church will be impacted for a period of up to three days, but parking will be available on the new inside lane for parishioners. Full access will be restored before services on Sunday. The final mainline road will be poured Saturday, Nov. 19, from Kipling to Waukegan. Once access to the side streets on the north is restored, crews will close Kenton and pave both lanes of the intersection at one time. Curb will be placed the week of Nov. 21. Sidewalks and driveway aprons will be placed following the holiday. Residents on the north side of Deerfield Road will regain access to their driveways for the holiday. New, permanent driveways and sidewalks will be installed the week following Thanksgiving.

Highland Park Operations

In Highland Park, work on the bridge over Route 41 continues. There will be no more ramp closures impacting access to or from Route 41. The contractor will continue to install storm sewers in Highland Park. The contractor will also begin preparing the roadway for opening after the completion of the Deerfield section of pavement. This work will include filling and leveling the gap between the old and new pavement as well as other items to make the roadway safe. Some resurfacing work in Highland Park will be completed in the spring.

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