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Kenton Road Closure to Coordinate with Opening of Heather, Beverly & Oxford on Saturday

Paving continues under an accelerated schedule on Deerfield Road to open the new concrete pavement in Deerfield in time for Thanksgiving.

Deerfield Operations

On Saturday morning, November 19, the contractor will open the intersections at Heather Road, Beverly Place and Oxford Road to provide access to the northeast quadrant, and then close the Kenton Road intersection. The contractor will then prepare and pave the Kenton intersection on Saturday, and plan to reopen it for vehicular traffic by the end of the day on Wednesday, November 23. Pedestrian access will available for school crossing on Monday at Kenton/Kipling.

Weather permitting, pavement marking is scheduled to take place next week. Brick paver replacement continues in the downtown area and will continue until completed.

Highland Park Operations

In Highland Park, work on the bridge over Route 41 continues as the contractor reinstalls the barrier median before the winter season. There will be no more ramp closures impacting access to or from Route 41 this season. The contractor is working to prepare the section of Deerfield Road in Highland park for winter shutdown of construction operations. Some pavement reconstruction and resurfacing in Highland Park will be completed in the spring.

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